k18 featured in: "Rendering to Reality"

Happy to see some of our work in this list:

"A well-composed rendering is a powerful mode of communication, valuable in architectural education and even more so in architectural practice. At its best, it excites viewers, helping to convince competition judges to award wins and clients to send money your way through a high-profile commission. It’s exactly this kind of visceral imagery that the firms profiled in Architizer’s popular “Rendering to Reality” series drew upon on their ways to transform their concepts into multidimensional realities. 

The built projects — spanning commercial towers and residences to music halls and art museums — often constitute a literal translation of their concept renderings. In contrast, other projects echo the formal language of the renderings but, through either material selection, redesign or financial constraints, may have lost some of the awe-inducing, romantic and mystical qualities that the renderings had in droves. It is a battle we all must face: How much do we compromise our architectural visions in order to please a thrifty client or an agitated community? 

Here, we line up some of the year’s most notable renderings on the left, with their complete (or near-complete) counterparts on the right. Comment below, telling us which of these projects you believe had the more seamless built translations and which showed significant deviation: (...)"

See the images here

source: https://architizer.com/blog/2016-rendered-to-reality-series/